Welcome to my page. I’d like to start off by telling you a little about myself so you have a sense of who I am and where I’m coming from. I’m a 38 year old male from the North East of the United states. I am currently married to my second wife. We have a great marriage. We pride ourselves in communication. Not that we don’t ever disagree but we at least are able to communicate our disagreements in a healthy manner. I work a blue collar job in the automotive industry. We have a healthy open sex life with each other.  I wanted to tell you something about your author to show you I’m probably relate-able to yourself in some way.

This page is to eliminate the taboo around male sex toys. Women have been open about owning and using sex toys for years now. They have parties that are centered around the sales and usage instructions of sex toys. But if a male has a Masturbatory or a Sleeve he is thought of as a pervert. Why is that?

If anything men are commonly more vocal about their masturbation habits and frequency. A survey by the Pew Internet Project called 1,336 Internet users over the age of 18 and, among other things, asked them whether they watched adult content online. About 13 to 15 percent of respondents said they had looked at porn online. One-fifth were women. So why are women the acceptable gender to have toys? Simple answer…. They’re not! We as fellow guys make it taboo. We joke about it as a punch line with our buddies. But really we all wonder how good it might feel.

In this blog I will discuss different toys that I have seen or tried. Not everything will be for me and i won’t try anything I’m not comfortable with. That’s the beauty of toys. It’s all about you. What you like. Some will be by myself and sometimes with my wife. 

For my wife and I toys are not always a replacement for a partner but to enhance or sexual experience. Sometime we use them and some time we don’t.